“We bought our first home with the help of Janet. She attended to every financing need including strategising, getting the best rate, explaining everything in layman’s terms and succeeding in getting the finance we needed.

She was a continued support throughout the whole process. We highly recommend her service.

– Brooke P

In an increasingly impersonal world, Janet Tang makes a refreshing change. As a financial planner and adviser, we have found Janet makes every possible effort to get to know her clients and their financial planning needs in comprehensive detail in order to make sound financial decisions to plan for a bright future.

There is a sense that Janet treats her clients as though they are extended members of her own family with all the confidence and trust that this engenders. She takes care to match financial planning decisions to each client’s individual circumstances, life stages and future goals. When markets turn down, as has happened in recent years of international volatility, Janet doesn’t go missing in action. She quickly communicates with her clients to put these events in context.

Most importantly, Janet is enthusiastic about her role as a financial adviser and has patiently and clearly explained the financial strategies she has recommended on our behalf. Suffice to say that Janet is now providing her attentive care and service to another generation of our family and, as always, has gone the extra mile to offer the care and service that we have found so valuable over so many years.

– David and Anne Jones

Terri Comyns

David Jones

Ross McNicol

Paul Butterworth

Jon and Erroll

Jean Tyacke

Janet has managed our superannuation and financial situation in a most accommodating and professional manner.  Prior to seeing Janet we were not completely comfortable with where we were headed and the realisation that our final nest egg may not meet our life style needs and hopes in our retirement.

After investigation Janet was able to ascertain that the current returns we were receiving compared to the risk we were exposed to be disproportionate and far more risker than it needed to. Janet was able to tailor a portfolio with a far healthier return with the added security and comfort of reducing our financial risk.

In addition Janet also took the time to inspect our current financial situation and existing mortgage contract.  She suggested a consolidation of all our debts into our mortgage and was able to save us interest.  This has facilitated an improvement in our cash flow situation.

We have found Janet to be a person of integrity and reliability. She has shown us a genuine and most personable attitude to our situation in which we are truly grateful.

– Mark and Lisa Caukill

I’ve been a client of Janet’s since I finished full-time work in 2009 and have always been impressed with her knowledge of the financial markets and choice of fund managers. She has helped me and my partner to implement positive strategies to meet our objectives and has that uncanny ability to explain investment choices simply so they are much easier to understand. I would certainly recommend her Financial Planning services to colleagues.

– Paul Apps