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4 mortgage terms you need to know when buying a home

30 November 2021

Purchasing a property is a huge financial decision, which is why people should familiarise themselves with the mortgage process and any essential terminology. Unfortunately, recent research has indicated many Australians aren’t as familiar with common home loan terms, as they need to be. Do you know how split home loans

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Summer renovation tips

23 November 2021

Home renovation projects can be a fun activity for families to do together. But these jobs can also be expensive and taxing, financially physically and mentally. When you’re taking on home projects this summer, follow these tips to ensure everything goes smoothly. One space at a time It’s a good

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Common Loan Mistakes to Avoid

16 November 2021

Getting a loan can be quite a tricky task. Seemingly small mistakes may get you trapped in debt, make a permanent record on your credit file and/or lead to rejections on new mortgages. Here are a few common mistakes that new borrowers often make, along with ways to avoid them

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Your quick guide to interest rates

9 November 2021

Just starting out in the property market? Interest rate terminology on your home loan can be hard to sift through. To understand what you’re agreeing to, it’s important to understand the basics about interest rates. What is an interest rate? When you are approved for a home loan, that loan balance

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