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Getting a Home Loan as a Small Business Owner

22 February 2022

Getting a home loan is already difficult enough but getting a home loan as a small business owner is even harder. Lenders like to see regular amounts of money coming in as it makes them feel less at risk. When you run a business for a living, your income can

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Should You Use a Lender That Is Not a Bank

15 February 2022

With banks becoming increasingly more restrictive on home loans every year it’s becoming more important to consider options outside the major lenders including non-bank lenders. Non-bank lenders still have to follow the same regulations as other lenders and the market is so competitive that all lenders offer the same range

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Why Mortgage Brokers Are Essential When Buying Property

8 February 2022

There are hundreds of lenders and thousands of home loans to choose from and compare. As a result, it can be extremely time-consuming to decide on which home loan is suitable for you. It can also be costly if you choose the wrong one and can end in you paying

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Why You Should Be Reviewing Your Home Loan

1 February 2022

Once people secure their home loan, they often forget about it and simply pay their loan repayments till the end of the loan. This may seem fine, but the reality is you could be missing out on many benefits and savings by not reviewing your home loan regularly. We have

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