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Purchase your next car with a car loan

22 March 2022

Australians have a few options when it comes to financing a car, and you should make sure you know what each finance option entails before committing to one or the other. Different types of financing can cost more or less depending on the details. Here are the pros and cons

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How to find the best tenants for your investment property

15 March 2022

Getting the best value out of an investment rental is a collaborative effort between the landlord and a great tenant. To achieve long-term returns on a rental, the property has to last – and that means finding tenants who are willing to look after the home just as much as

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The Differences Between Owner-Occupied and Investment Loans

8 March 2022

When you buy a home whether it is classified as owner-occupied or investment depends on your intentions behind buying the property. If you are planning to sell the property for a profit on what you originally bought it for or rent it out, then it would be an investment property.

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Should you take out a mortgage with a non-bank lender or stick with a major lender?

1 March 2022

The time has come to start thinking about purchasing your first property. Most people begin the process by going to their bank and asking their advice; but did you know there are other options out there including non-bank lenders? Finding a home loan can be an overwhelming experience, however, the

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